The Town Office is now located in the back of the

Kezar Falls Fire Station.


The residents of Porter voted last year to replaced the Town Hall , built in 1919, with a new building.  The new building will be a single level building, easier to maintain, more energy efficient, and completely ADA accessible.

We will keep you updated on the progress by adding photos of the different stages of demolition and construction.


The abatement of hazardous materials was done by Atlantic Environmental Contractors, Inc. of Lewiston, Maine, and demolition of the building was done by      P.Y. Estes and Son, Inc. of Baldwin, Maine.  Site work in preparation for the concrete work will also be done by P.Y. Estes and Son, Inc.  The concrete work will be done by J.J. Concrete of Limerick, Maine

May 17 update

The concrete work is almost done.  Electric and plumbing are being stubbed in prior to pouring the slab.

The electrical work is being done by Wadsworth Electrical from Cornish, and the plumbing is being done by Tim Stocks Plumbing & Heating.

May 22 update

Framing has begun today.  The General Contractor, Geyer Construction of Porter, will be doing the majority of the work from here to completion.

May 30 update

The walls are up, the trusses will go up this week, and then the roof goes on.

June 5 update

The roof is up, work is being done on the entrances, shingles gone on next along with some interior walls.

June 12 update

The interior walls are up, some plumbing is in, and the rooms for the HVAC units in the attic are almost complete.  Roof shingles should go on this week.

June 24 update

The roof is done, the insulation is done, approximately 50% of the sheetrock is up, the exterior doors are in, and the siding is approximately 60% done.

July 12 update

The sheet rock is done, the walls are being painted, the HVAC ductwork is almost complete, and the site work is almost complete.

July 18 update

The ceiling is being installed, the paving is done, and the interior trim is going on.

August 6 update

Some of the interior doors have been installed, most of the interior trim is done, the electrical and plumbing are almost done, and the security system is almost done.  The HVAC is complete and functioning.  We are waiting for the rug to be delivered.  The end is near.


The corner stone marking the date of construction of the old building has been saved along with several papers found on top of the corner stone.  We are attempting to find to best way to deal with these papers as they are very old and brittle.  If we can take pictures of them, we will post them on the web site.

Some of the bricks from the old building have also been saved for future use.

The Town Wood Lot

The following pictures are of the logging that is being done on the Town Wood Lot.  The work is being done by R.C. McLucas Trucking, Logging, Chipping and Firewood from Porter

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   Welcome to Porter, Maine